Premium Rowers & Rowing Machines Australia

At Rowing Machines Australia, we stock premium rowers – one of the most popular cardio machines. Like any other exercise, correct posture should always be your number one priority. It targets your arms, legs, and core muscles while simultaneously strengthening your heart and lungs. Some benefits of rowers include minimal impact workout for the body, it targets various muscle groups in one single exercise, the movement is not technical thus it comes easy to do for beginners, and lastly, it is space efficient enough to fit any room.

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Australian Rowing Machines Shipping Information

At Rowing Machines Australia, we ship your order to all locations within Australia. However please allow additional delivery time for some regional areas. You will receive an email to advise when your order has shipped.

Order your Rowing Machine online today or contact our friendly staff. No order is too big or too small. Australia wide delivery to your door!